AI is the new web - How businesses are taking advantage of it

Deep learning and AI technologies are revolutionizing the world, whether it’s through self-driving cars, drones, virtual assistants, more accurate medical diagnosis, or automatic lead generation. As a result, AI is drastically altering the ways in which business is conducted. In the 90’s and 2000s, the web revolutionized businesses by offering them ability to improve customer value by an order of magnitude. Take Amazon for example which created a website for selling books which was brick and mortar until then, then later transformed the retail industry and the computing industry. Another example is how Mobile revolutionized businesses just under a decade ago.
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The Influences of AI in Marketing

I recently read an article from the Huffington Post titled: “ Prospecting vs Retargeting: Making the Most of the Marketing Mix” . This article sparked this blog post because as a consumer I become infuriated when I shop online and I purchase an item to later get ads for the same thing I just purchased a couple of days ago. Clearly I don’t need another travel backpack because I just bought one. But hey, why not market some hiking shoes, or sleeping bags or ANYTHING other than the travel backpack I just bought. This is where AI and big data come into play.
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Deep Learning – Revamping AI development from the infrastructure up

Authors: Bhavesh Patel – Dell EMC & Mazhar Memon - Bitfusion Deep Learning (DL), a key technique driving artificial intelligence innovation, such as image recognition, chatbots, and self-driving cars, requires algorithms be ‘trained’ using large data sets. Initially, this can be done on a single node (server). However, as the models and datasets grow ever larger and more complex, it becomes essential to scale-out. 
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