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AI/ML Attached Network

Programmable, pooled data center infrastructure has shaped new platforms development over the last few years. Unpredictable resource consumption, with the need to provision compute, storage and networking on-demand, at capacity when the need arises drove the hyperconvergence trend. While compute, storage and networking are well understood and can be provisioned per demand (with platforms such as Cisco HyperFlex and Cisco UCS), machine learning and AI workloads brought a new variable to the equation – GPUs. GPUs today are not part of the hyper converged architecture, and need to be hard configured to a workload, with no elasticity, flexibility, or sharing across users. Essentially GPUs are at the same place storage was 15 years ago.
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Elastic GPUs with VMware vSphere

We are delighted to partner with VMware and deliver GPU virtualization and AI Attached Network. VMware is a leader in compute, storage and networking virtualization. Now through the partnership with Bitfusion, Machine Learning, AI, GPUs and FPGAs can also be virtualized and designed as a composable resource. Look for us at
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