AI/ML Attached Network

Elastic GPUs with VMware vSphere

Announcing FlexDirect which allows remote, dynamic attach and fractional slicing of GPUs on any infrastructure

Bitfusion in 2018

AI is the new web - How businesses are taking advantage of it

Navigating the Shifting Landscape of the Modern Heterogeneous Co-Processor Based Datacenter

The Influences of AI in Marketing

Deep Learning – Revamping AI development from the infrastructure up

Bitfusion 2.0  -Announcing Series A and Launching the Industry’s First Software for Managing Elastic AI Infrastructure

Intro to TensorBoard

Monitoring and Checkpointing in TensorFlow

Intro to TensorFlow

Tensorflow 1.0 Updated Bitfusion AMI Available

Chainer 1.21 Updated Bitfusion AMI Now Available

New: Bitfusion MXNet AMI Now Available

Latest Bitfusion Caffe AMI Now Available

Latest Bitfusion Tensorflow AMI and New Pricing

Latest Bitfusion Chainer AMI Now Available

Latest Bitfusion Theano AMI Now Available

Bitfusion Presenting at Supercomputing Conference 2016

Quick Comparison of TensorFlow GPU Performance on AWS P2 and G2 Instances

Apposphere Uses Bitfusion Deep Learning AMIs and AWS to Quickly Deploy Intelligent Mobile Solutions

Bitfusion Deep Learning AMIs Now Available on AWS P2 Instances

Bitfusion Presenting at the GPU Technology Conference Europe 2016

Training a Bird Classifier with Tensorflow and TFLearn

Bitfusion Scientific Computing AMI 2016.08

TensorFlow 0.9 AMI with Keras, cuDNN 5, and 30-40% faster

New Blender AMI with Mate Desktop, Turbo VNC Server, and VirtualGL

New Bitfusion Deep Learning and Media AMIs with REST APIs for Developers

Deploy Bitfusion Boost on AWS faster than ever

Bitfusion Presenting at Data By the Bay Conference - May 19, 2016

Easy TensorFlow Model Training on AWS

Tutorial for model creation and training on NVIDIA DIGITS

Get started with NVIDIA DIGITS for as low as 49 cents in just 3 easy steps

Deep Learning in the Cloud with NVIDIA DIGITS and Titan-X GPUs starting at $0.49 per hour

Running Boost Machine Images on Spot Instances

New Bitfusion Nvidia Digits 3 and Cuda 7.5 AMIs

Bitfusion Presenting at SaltConf 16 - April 19-21, 2016

Introducing Bitfusion Cloud - Extreme GPU Workstations

AMAX to showcase systems with Bitfusion Boost GPU virtualization technology at Nvidia GTC 2016

Bitfusion Presenting at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) - April 4-7, 2016

Introducing Monster Machines, the world's largest cloud GPU instances on AWS

Introducing the Fastest Multi-GPU ImageMagick AMI

Bitfusion Presenting at the Nimbix Developer Summit - March 15, 2016

Bitfusion Boost 16 GPU Caffe Cluster

Bitfusion Boost 16 GPU Caffe Cluster - Quick Start on Amazon AWS with CloudFormation

Bitfusion selected as a finalist in the SXSW Accelerator Competition

Bitfusion selected as a finalist in the SXSW Accelerator Competition - March 12 & 13, 2016

Updated Caffe AMIs with pycaffe support

Experience Bitfusion Boost on AWS

The Floodgates are Opening: The Promise of Heterogeneous Computing

New Deep Learning and Cuda AMIs

Thanksgiving from Bitfusion

Profiler: New Compute Heavy Workloads

A warm welcome to SC15 from Bitfusion

Accelerated Scientific Computing AMI - v0.07

Bitfusion Profiler: Multi-Cloud Support

Announcing Bitfusion FastR from Bitfusion Labs

Bitfusion Profiler: A Quick Introduction

Announcing the launch of Bitfusion Labs

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