by maciej on July 4, 2016

New Blender AMI with Mate Desktop, Turbo VNC Server, and VirtualGL

Last week we released several media related AMIs featuring a RESTful API interfaces. We received feedback, particularly on our Blender rendering AMI, that some of you would like to try and work directly with Blender via a remote session and a Desktop environment. Always listening to user feedback, this week we are releasing a Bitfusion Ubuntu 14 Blender AMI pre-installed with Nvidia Drivers, Cuda 7.5 Toolkit, Blender 2.77, and a complete Linux desktop environment including Mate Desktop, TurboVNC Server and VirtualGL for full 3D hardware acceleration of OpenGL applications when using remote display software.

Blender Mate Desktop

The VNC server starts automatically at boot time and you can connect to it via your favorite client - we recommend TurboVNC client. Please note that to connect to the the VNC server you must first establish an SSH tunnel from your system to the the EC2 instance. We require this because the VNC protocol is inherently insecure and can be easily snooped on - tunneling VNC through SSH mitigates this issues. On Linux / OSX system an SSH tunnel to the EC2 instance can be established with the following command:

ssh -L 5902: -N -f -l ubuntu -i {path to your pem file} {EC2 Instance Public IP}

To connect to the EC2 instance through the SSH tunnel you would then use the following address in your VNC client:


The initial password for the VNC as well as the user is the instance-id of the EC2 instance which you can obtain from the EC2 console. Or you can obtain it from an active SSH session via the following command:

ec2metadata --instance-id

Please refer to the included README file for more detailed documentation, as well as on how to change the passwords, connect from a Windows systems, and a few other tips. This AMI works equally well on CPU as well as NVIDIA GRID GPU EC2 instances.


Bitfusion Blender Linux Desktop


Bitfusion Ubuntu 14 Blender AMI

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