by maciej on April 20, 2016

New Bitfusion Nvidia Digits 3 and Cuda 7.5 AMIs

We've been been cooking up several more AMIs to get you started on AWS quickly. This time we are introducing the Nvidia Digits 3 AMI which is designed to to get you started quickly with Nvidia's deep learning package which includes their branched versions of Caffe and Torch, as well as a browser accessible interface for quick experimentation. The second AMI is built on top of Ubuntu 14, the Cuda 7.5 Toolkit, and the latest Nvidia drivers, and is targeted at Cuda developers and those intending to deploy GPU applications with ease.

Bitfusion Ubuntu 14 Cuda

Bitfusion Ubuntu 14 Cuda 7.5 GPU AMI

Pre-installed with Ubuntu 14, Nvidia Drivers and the Cuda 7.5 Toolkit. Designed for developers and users rely on GPUs and Cuda to get up and running quickly without wasting time on installation and configuration.

Launch on AWS!

Bitfusion Ubuntu 14 Digits 3

Bitfusion Ubuntu 14 Digits 3 GPU AMI

Pre-installed with the Deep Learning GPU Training System (DIGITS). Leverage GPU instances to accelerate pre-installed Caffe and Torch. Design and train deep neural networks and view results in the browser.

Launch on AWS!

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