by subbu on November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving from Bitfusion

As we enter the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to take a moment and write this note to thank our extraordinary Bitfusion team, friends, family, mentors, advisors, investors and our customers, who have been along side with us on our amazing journey in the past year.

The Bitfusion team has been instrumental in building the company, all our products and technologies. I m extremely grateful for working with the best team everyday, and my sincere thanks to the team. You are the foundation and walls of our company.

Secondly, I would like to thank my family and families of all the Bitfusion team members for being supportive in this grail quest and joining us in the road less traveled.

Third, I would like to thank all the friends of Bitfusion, who has been with us as friends, supporters, evangelists, and even helping us at times, all without asking anything in return.

Forth, I would like to thank the mentors and advisors of Bitfusion, who have guided us right from the inception of the company, acting sometimes as bouncing boards, helping with introductions, and at times helped us even in making important decisions.

Next, a huge thank you for our investors, who went beyond just mentorship but believed in us by investing their money in us. You have helped us build and shape the company by being on our side at all times. Without y’all, we wouldn’t be what we are today.

Our customers are the best anyone could ask for. Thank you for working with us by providing feedback on our products all along. You define our existence.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the amazing people we have meet throughout the journey of Bitfusion. 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Filled with gratitude and looking forward to great things in the future. 
thank you

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