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Profiler: New Compute Heavy Workloads

Written by maciej | Nov 24, 2015 5:23:22 PM

As part of the Super Computing conference in Austin, TX last week we added various compute heavy workloads to the Profiler Benchmark Repository. We added application benchmarks in the following categories: Machine Learning, Molecular Dynamics, Fluid Dynamics, Quantum Chemistry. Below is a list of the applications and their respective categories:

Fluid Dynamics:

OpenFOAM is a C++ toolbox for the development of customized numerical solvers, and pre-/post-processing utilities for the solution of continuum mechanics problems, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Quantum Chemistry:

Quantum ESPRESSO is a software suite for ab initio quantum chemistry methods of electronic-structure calculation and materials modeling, distributed for free under the GNU General Public License.

Machine Learning:

Caffe is a deep learning framework made with expression, speed, and modularity in mind. It is developed by the Berkeley Vision and Learning Center (BVLC) and by community contributors.

TensorFlow is an open source software library for machine intelligence (primarily machine learning), developed by Google. It was originally a project of Google's Brain Team and is used in the Google Now product.

Molecular Dynamics:

GROMACS (GROningen MAchine for Chemical Simulations) is a molecular dynamics package primarily designed for simulations of proteins, lipids and nucleic acids.

We also added LINPACK as a Benchmark for those who may be interested to evaluate the performance of all the various instances which are connected to the Profiler. All of these compute heavy benchmarks are available with existing reports or you can build on top of these workloads to customize your own benchmarks. Get started with Profiler today!