by maciej on November 9, 2015

Accelerated Scientific Computing AMI - v0.07

A little more than a week ago we launched Bitfusion FastR out of Bitfusion Labs, a fully managed R in the cloud service which features various speed enhancement over typical R distributions as well as an online IDE for working with R directly in your browser. Working on this new service while receiving user feedback we learned about quite a few things which we could also add to our AMI sto make them more appealing for our existing customers and new user. Today we are releasing version 0.07 of our Accelerated Scientific Computing AMI on AWS along with the following enhancements:


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  • R has been updated to the latest version 3.2.2 (Fire Safety)
  • Support for additional AWS instances including the powerful m4.10xlarge
  • An R IDE is now part of the AMI and can be accessed directly from the browser
  • R performance tweaks which yield ~10% speed improvement over our 0.06 release

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Our Accelerated Scientific Computing AMI supports more than just R, and also offers acceleration for Octave, NumPy, and SciPy. All our AMIs come with a free trial so that you can verify that our solutions work for you without any risk. A complete list of our latest AMIs can be found on our Boost Machine Images Page, or you can find a complete listing directly on AWS by clicking here.

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