by maciej on November 5, 2015

Bitfusion Profiler: Multi-Cloud Support

Since releasing the Bitfusion Profiler a couple weeks ago we've been getting a steady stream of customer feedback from our users. We've been working on the user interface to make it more intuitive and on several back-end tweaks to improve performance. One of the most requested features was to implement multi-cloud support which gives users the ability to benchmark and profile their applications across instances from various cloud providers. Today, we are launching multi-cloud support and have incorporated several instances from Rackspace into Bitfusion Profiler, along with over 20 instance types from AWS. The updated report screen looks as follows:

Profiler Multi-Cloud Support

The major new addition can be seen on the left where you can now filter results based not only on instance type, but also based on the cloud provider. And of course, you can compare cloud providers against each other as well. We'll be providing additional instance types in the near future and are working on connecting additional cloud providers as well - and potentially we are thinking of connecting even custom built systems. If there is a particular instance type or cloud provider you would like to see next please let us know in the comments below. Have not played with the Profiler yet? Get started today, it's free!

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