by maciej on October 30, 2015

Announcing Bitfusion FastR from Bitfusion Labs

Today we are releasing Bitfusion FastR as the next product out of Bitfusion Labs in a limited beta. Bitfusion FastR, an online SaaS solution with our proprietary acceleration technology baked-in, is for anyone who needs better performance for their R workloads. FastR offers up to 2x faster run-time performance over typical R distributions across a whole range of programs and benchmarks. We are offering the FastR service in various flavors, starting with a Free plan if you just wanting get your feet wet with our offering or if you are new to R programming, all the way to enterprise grade plans which offer powerful machines that feature dozens of cores and vast amounts of memory for big data workloads.

Bitfusion FastR Performance

Faster performance is just the beginning, as the entire service is offered as an online SaaS solution. Each of our plans is fully managed in the cloud, meaning there are no setup or maintenance headaches. As part of the SaaS offering an online IDE is provided, which you can access directly from your browser - you will be up and running in minutes all within a familiar R environment and IDE. Users will also have complete ssh access with each plan, so in addition to the provided tools users can install any additional software they need to get their jobs done. All our plans come with generous storage offerings, even our Free plan offers 8GiB of storage to get you started. We offer straightforward hourly pricing on all our plans so you pay only for what you use. All plans are managed from an intuitive online dashboard and you can can have as many or as few machines running as you please. We offer a 14-day trial with all our paid plans to help you evaluate our offering.

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